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Worldwide, 5.3 million children under the age of five die each year. Increased use of innovative and multimedia formats and tools in producing, presenting, and disseminating more high-quality, socially impactful/civically relevant media content. Despite progress in some areas of media development, the media sector in the Western Balkans remains fragile and under threat.

  • We have conducted the first randomised controlled trials to prove that mass media campaigns can change behaviours and improve health.
  • On June 2020 The Life You Can Save Australia also added DMI to its list of recommend charities.
  • They also conduct post-broadcast feedback research to ensure optimal messaging.
  • Previously, Giving What We Can had mentioned DMI’s ongoing randomized controlled trial as an example of real-world national-scale randomization.
  • TV spots, usually one minute in length and featuring local actors, are broadcast at peak times on popular channels to engage large audiences, ideally at a minimum of three times per day.

USAID contributes to North Macedonia’s efforts to increase the accountability of government institutions and of citizens, as well as their ability to counter corruption, by strengthening independent media. “It might be time to find those non-social media apps and digital experiences and rethink how much time you spend on platforms that aren’t leaving you feeling calm, refreshed, and in a better headspace,” Chaudhary said. Whether brain changes are the chicken or the egg in this case, there are steps caregivers can take to help teens exercise caution around social media use.

Development Media International

DMI’s Burkina Faso campaign was the first time mass media had been scientifically proven to change behaviors in a low-income country. DMI has since completed a second randomized control trial on a family planning campaign in Burkina Faso. Listen to season 5, episode 2 of the Philanthropod podcast where host, Anubha Rawat interviews DMI’s CEO, Roy Head about using mass media as a tool to strengthen public health outcomes and reach millions of people at a time.

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L-Acoustics introduces new global business development team.

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At present, their goal is to focus on reducing preventable child mortality by promoting practices such as sleeping under treated bednets, giving children antibiotics when they have pneumonia, or giving people oral rehydration therapy. DMI uses randomized controlled trials to generate evidence of impact based on robust evaluations and to scale up its most effective campaigns to reach millions of people. Development Media International creates evidence-based radio, television, and video campaigns to change behaviours and improve health outcomes in low-income countries. Development Media International runs evidence-based media campaigns to change behaviours and improve lives in low-income countries. Development Media International is a non-governmental organization with both non-profit and for-profit arms that “use scientific modelling combined with mass media campaigns in order to save the greatest number of lives in the most cost-effective way”.

Living Goods supports local community health workers in developing countries to go door-to-door to sell affordable health and household goods and to provide basic health counselling to families in need. Effective altruism organization The LIfe You Can Save considers DMI one of its recommended charities. On June 2020 The Life You Can Save Australia also added DMI to its list of recommend charities. When possible, DMI avoids paying airtime fees by providing on-the-job training and co-producing live programs with their partner radio stations.

What does Development Media International do?

Learn how we use evidence-based behaviour change campaigns to improve and save lives in low-income countries. Your donations through our portal are tax deductible in the UK, US, and the Netherlands. Giving What We Can does not take any fees from donors using our platform or from charities listed on our platform. We are independently funded to promote our mission of making giving effectively and significantly a cultural norm. Donors in the United States can make tax-deductible gifts to The Life You Can Save and our recommended charities by clicking on the donate buttons across our website.

development media international

Radio is extremely popular in sub-Saharan Africa, giving media campaigns a huge reach. For example, 59% of women and 70% of men in Uganda tune in at least once a week. And even for young people who like to spend time online, there are ways to do it that don’t pose some of the potential risks social media does, she added.

If you are giving more than $1,000, please cloud team consider one of these alternatives.

Getting Ready to Enter the World of Social Media

Many of DMI’s campaigns are broadcast on radio in the form of minute-long spots in local languages, written by DMI’s creative teams in Africa with oversight from creative experts in the UK. We have conducted the first randomised controlled trials to prove that mass media campaigns can change behaviours and improve health. Results from our first RCT show that our radio campaign increased malaria diagnoses by 56% and modelling suggests it saved an estimated 3,000 lives in Burkina Faso. Development Media International runs large-scale media campaigns in low-income countries via radio, television, and mobile video. They work with local broadcasters to create informative and engaging programming that focuses on maternal and child health, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, sexual reproductive health, and early childhood development. Development Media International runs television, radio, and mobile campaigns in developing countries to change health-related behaviours and save lives.

WTS International will provide any updates should additional information become available. Registration includes admission to the program plus meals but doesnotinclude travel to/from the program and hotel. Doing so can help young people connect more deeply in person, feel more present and “separate from the constant, often anxiety-provoking, influx of information about the world and other people’s lives,” she said. Those who checked their platforms more often were more likely to be sensitive to general social rewards and punishments, according to the study published Tuesday.

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DMI designs and delivers mass media campaigns on radio and television to promote improved health practices. Uses evidence-based campaigns to maximise the impact of its work, and uses mathematical modelling to determine which messages can save the most lives. For example, findings from DMI’s first RCT found that DMI’s radio campaign increased malaria diagnoses by 56% and modelling suggests it saved an estimated 3,000 lives in Burkina Faso. Mass media reaches millions of people and can stimulate significant shifts in behaviour when the right messages reach the right people. DMI has conducted studies that found that media campaigns can encourage people to protect themselves from disease, seek treatment at the right time, and help them to plan and raise healthy families. The evaluation of the RCT is being carried out by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

development media international

Donations made through RC Forward are eligible for Canadian official donation receipts, which can be used to claim charitable tax credits. We test the impact of our campaigns using the most rigorous scientific methods. Get updates to make your giving more cost-effective and impactful.

Previously, Giving What We Can had mentioned DMI’s ongoing randomized controlled trial as an example of real-world national-scale randomization. In June 2015, GiveWell published an update to its review of DMI with corrections that increased the estimate of the cost per life saved from $5,236 to $7,264. If they are high-impact, we take them to scale, reaching many millions of people.

Impact at Scale

And adolescence is simultaneously a time of high social media use and critical brain development. Adolescent brains are going through the most development and reorganization, second only to infancy, making them more susceptible to environmental influences, Telzer said. There are a variety of platforms and outlets to reach customers. In this workshop, we will discuss target market research, how to develop content and branding across platforms, and prepare you to create social media pages of your own.

19 Apr 2019 — Development Media International runs radio, television and mobile campaigns to change behaviours and improve lives in developing … We create evidence-based behaviour change campaigns that improve health and save lives. In most countries in sub-Saharan Africa, radio is still by far the most popular form of media. However, TV viewership and mobile phone usership are on the rise, so DMI is increasingly conducting campaigns using these channels to reach certain populations.

There’s just a few days left to donate effectively and receive a receipt for 2022! This charity meets the requirements to be supported by Giving What We Can as an unlisted charity — read more about our inclusion criteria. We are committed to using the most rigorous methodologies feasible to continue to achieve and demonstrate our impact at scale. If you are living in Australia, you can make a tax-deductible donation through The Life You Can Save Australia’s website. We recommend that gifts up to $1,000 be made online by credit card.

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Elaina combines her expertise to counsel entrepreneurs with business plan creation and development and conducts and provides customized industry, marketing, and competitor research/analyses. And Communication and an MS in Digital Innovation in Marketing from Temple University’s Fox School of Business. Elaina DeHoratius is a Business Consultant with Temple University’s SBDC. She began her career as a Graduate Assistant and joined Temple’s SBDC as a Business Consultant in March 2020.

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We are endorsed and recommended by independent evaluators on the basis of our evidence of impact and cost-effectiveness. DMI can educate communities about multiple health issues in a single campaign for little extra cost. DMI has also invested in solar panels for radio stations to avoid program interruptions due to power outages and to strengthen relationships with radio stations. DMI has conducted two large-scale randomized control trials that have provided gold-standard evidence for their campaigns’ effectiveness. Where RCTs are not possible, DMI uses quasi-experimental designs to evaluate its work.

They also conduct post-broadcast feedback research to ensure optimal messaging. • The number of established links between media entities and non-traditional partners, including those from the private business sector, will increase. KMPs will expand their content exchange, cross-regional news coverage, joint content production, and coreporting with non-governmental organizations. Greater ability to analyze audience and market trends using market assessments and data for editorial policies and business planning.


It is not clear whether the neural changes resulted in behavioral changes, like increased anxiety or addictive behaviors, Telzer said. DMI was set up in 2005 by Roy Head, who has spent his career pushing the limits of what mass media can achieve in … Our latest best estimate is that when you donate $1 to RC Forward’s operations, you inspire Canadians to donate an additional $6 to our high-impact partner charities.